Hi I’m Sofia Paravicini, a freelance illustrator based in Milan.


After my studies in fine art painting at the Camberwell College of Arts of LondonI earned a Master’s degree in editorial illustration at the MiMaster of Milan.

Since 2016 I am working as a freelance illustrator and collaborate with Wurmkos foundation which is an open place, understood as an experience that relates art and psychic problems.

At the beginning of 2018 I published my first picture book for Nord-Sud Edizioni and in October a second one will be published for Salani Edizioni.


            Liber Magazine / Illustrati Magazine / Sofar Sounds Milan / Stefano Giovannoni Design / Shinan Aleppo / Firestone / Alto Piano Studio /

Olga Frua Pigiami / Nord Sud Edizioni / Salani Editore


Il viaggio di Adelia - Nord Sud Edizioni, 2018



September  2018      Open day, Lascia la Scia  Studio          Milan, Italy


November 2017          Vasi di Visi, Galleria Affiche               Milan, Italy


June 2017                    La Passione del grano, PAV                Turin, Italy


April 2016               Corridoio d’arte, ADV Desi                       Milan, Italy


June 2015           Final, Camberwell College of Arts             London, UK


March 2015         Trust the Forest, SOTHEBY’S, Auction      Milan, Italy


June 2014          Circular, Forge & Co, Shoreditch                London, UK


 May 2014                 Home,  Hoxton Arches Gallery               London, UK


 January 2014           Unit, CGP London Gallery                       London, UK


June 2013         Minister, Camberwell College of Arts         London, UK


Sept 2010    Nel Paese delle Meraviglie, SPAZIOFARINI6    Milan, Italy

 November 2008    Scatti per bene, SOTHEBY’S, Auction      Milan, Italy



© 2018 Sofia Paravicini